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FINALLY!!! The first issue of Goofy Funnies (fifth issue, actually) is back from the printers!!! My labour of love is ready to have her little pages stuck together with God-knows-what! Ordering instructions are below the happy chappy in the photo!

Props: Thanks to my wonderful wife, Lili, for all her inspiration & love & motivation and, also, thanks to Robin Bougie for his advice & support.


-      32 pages (saddle stitched)

-      Colour cover/ B&W interior

-      Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼” (perfect for sneaking into your classroom, church, lodge meetings!)

Only $5 Postage Paid

All prices include North American shipping. Add an extra $2 for shipping overseas. Please email for a quote for overseas shipping on multiple copies. Customs regulations in some countries prohibit the importation of certain books. Obscenity and "advocation of drug use" are often grounds for confiscation. We can't be responsible if this happens, so it's up to you to learn what materials are forbidden before you order. That being said, this comic is intended for Adults Only! Please include an age statement with your order, or we will not ship.

Please send a money order (made out to: Jim Walmsley) or WELL-CONCEALED Canadian or US cash money to:

The Comix Company

102-1169 Nelson Street,

Vancouver, BC,

Canada, V6E-1J3


The ‘bump-into-me-on-the-street-&-beg-for-one’ price is $4. Why, that’s practically the cost of a cup o’ that fancy S***bucks coffee!... and you won’t have to pee the comic out twenty minutes later!

Or, you can paypal yer 5 bucks to: thecomixcompany@gmail.com

BUT, please don’t mention ‘adult material’, ‘dirty books’, ‘joy rags’ or ‘smut’ when dealing with paypal! They’re real sticklers about sin-filled stuff like that! Just email the comic title w/ issue number.


Remember! GOOFY FUNNIES will soon be available at select comic shops. Can’t find it at yours? Have your local comic dealer email us for wholesale info! thecomixcompany@gmail.com

Yay!!! A positive review!!! Read it here: http://ranarchy.blogspot.com/


I want one. You should drop some by at RX COMICS at main and 8th ave. They will buy some off you at a discount, and sell them there.

Yours is gettin' mailed out, my son! :)

Hopefully I'll get into RX this week to drop some off. By th' way - Great recommendation for Vanprint! They rock!
Ye Gods! Your artwork is killer and amazing! I was scanning through all your past posts on your live journal. Wow.

I'm telepathically sending this following message to bougieman's mind: "Thanks for guiding me to Dexter Cockburn's art! Ye gods! Amazing!"
I have heard your thoughts, and I now send some back that are all echoey and go: "Youuuu arrrrre wellllllcommmmme"
I'm ordering two copies, one for collecting and one for reading! I can't wait to get them.
I pimped you! Hope it helps!

My order coming!
Thanks fo' the pimpin', cuz! I'll put a copy aside for you! :)