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A pic I just did for an incredibly talented, fantastically sexy hentai eroartist - June Anna Jung (of VanillaBeeArt)... Check out her mouth-watering work at:




It's that scary time of year again!!! Why don't you scare yourself up some comics at: http://thecomixcompany.ecrater.com

Boy! Pippa's so excited it looks her milkshake missed her mouth!
It's PART TWO of the BREAST OF DEXTER COCKBURN in digital format - including Dexter's personal portfolio of Pippa Creme commissions by some of the best artists of the Underground and today!!!

- 365 pages of comix in JPEG format for $20 USD!!!
- a collection of published/ unpublished work
- comix in B&W and colour!!
- contents UNCENSORED!!!
Zipped file will be sent to you via wetransfer, so please include your proper email address when ordering (Customers will need to fill out a shipping address, but that's just for the sake of ordering through this site).
t's about time!!! I've finally completed REHASHED FUNNIES #2!! It's 44 pages of smuttiness collecting the entire Marty Marz story, "Bang! Zoom! The the Moon!" from SWEET STUFF COMIX 1 & 2 - PLUS 8 fresh pages of XXX joy!!! Only $4 bucks plus shipping!
Order today!!

DEXTER COCKBURN RETURNS WITH SHOT WAD!! 465 Pages of Filthy Comix in digital format - including a bunch of unpublished pieces - for ONLY $25 BUCKS!!!!

How about celebrating the long weekend with three more pages of my NSFW webcomic - THE MLOFF? I figured you might like that! https://thecomixcompany.blogspot.ca/2017/09/the-mloff-pages-171-173.html

Just got back from 2 weeks vacation, so I might as well give my fans a few more pages of THE MLOFF, my ongoing NSFW webcomic... Enjoy! https://thecomixcompany.blogspot.ca/2017/07/the-mloff-pages-167-170.html

The UK's Least Known Underground Cartoonist, Lee James Turnock, returns with his final comic for this humble publishing outfit. From the final episode of Jerry Winston's saga (complete with a finale that doesn't just break the 4th wall, it tramples it) to LJT's lament on the state of British comics today, and all the squishy bits in between, this is satirical cartooning at its finest. Worth every shilling!

Well, gang... Summer is upon us. At this time of the year, I find myself involved more with my familial/ work duties than with my art (with the exception of other ongoing projects), so I'm offering you a fair-sized chunk of pages from my ongoing NSFW webcomic - THE MLOFF - before I go on hiatus for a month. In the meantime, check out The Comix Company Store for new titles, and other goodies!! http://thecomixcompany.blogspot.ca/2017/06/the-mloff-pages-160-166.html

How about 4 fresh pages of THE MLOFF - my NSFW webcomic - to get your weekend rolling? http://thecomixcompany.blogspot.ca/2017/06/the-mloff-pages-156-159.html