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The lovely Jennifer Snyder - a woman of impeccable taste! Why don't YOU grab a lollipop, and some of Aaron Lange​'s comix?

WHOA, NELLIE!!! Dexter Cockburn's ANIMAL ANTICS #2 is finally fresh from the oven and ready to titillate your naughty bits! As there were so many ADULTS ONLY shenanigans to pack in, this issue clocks in at a whopping 36 PAGES for the low price of FOUR BUCKS!!! Why, I'm so excited that I CAN'T STOP WRITING IN ALL CAPS!!
See what the fuss is about by ordering your copy today!


Well, this is darn exciting!! The lovely Rebecca Peterson DeMar​ of Tragicflower666 - Cosplay & Madness​ has graciously agreed to cosplay as Princess Trish from Milton Knight​'s HUGO comic series!! Look for some fun, sexy pics in the near future - or, if you can't wait that long, just order some HUGO books from Uncle Milty himself at !!
I always try to have something silly on my drawing board at any given time... ;) Here's another comic I've been working on - should have it completed within the month!
Look for an official announcement when I get it slapped up on my store -

I've just mailed out a smattering of comix to this AWESOME review site: Nekkid ladies and menfolk posing in the buff with funnybooks - what's not to like? Anyhoo, they'll be receiving HUGO #2, by Milton Knight​, ROMP #3, by Aaron Lange​, JB'S COMICSTORIES and HIGH FALOOTIN' FUNNIES, by Jay Bee​, and UP YOURS! COMIX by Lee James Turnock​! Let's see how they react! :)

P.S. All of those titles can be had at
ANIMAL ANTICS #2 is shaping up nicely! Here's a sneak peek at the gatefold cover, complete with a swell ad for Milton Knight​'s HUGO comics!! Check out Milton's site at to order his amazing books, or go to for more fun stuff! :)

Working on ANIMAL ANTICS #2, featuring the return of you-know-who!! I'm trying to expand my drawing abilities by adding lingerie & other frilliness... hopefully I'm not too bad at it! :)
ANIMAL ANTICS #1 can still be purchased at

Have we got a pair for you!!! GOOFY FUNNIES #8 and SWEET STUFF COMIX #2 are now ON SALE at The Comix Company store!!!…/goofy-funnies-8-underg… and…/sweet-stuff-comix-2-de… , respectively!
Cleveland's favourite son, Philly's adopted whelp, and R. Crumb's favourite cartoonist in today's UG Comix medium, Aaron Lange (ROMP), returns with - quite possibly - his best work to date! Get yourself hip to this full-meal-deal of sharp satire, naughty laffs, and autobiographical hijinks!!! You'll be ripping at your eyeballs for Aaron to produce TRIM #4!!
- 32 Pages
- Colour cover with B&W innards
- Digest sized (perfect for sneaking into your flotation tank!)
TRIM#3 pg1TRIM#3 pg3
TRIM#3 pg5TRIM#3 pg17

Lauded in print & interviews by Underground Comix legend Robert Crumb, Aaron Lange (ROMP, TRIM) is poised at the cusp of comics' stardom - and The Comix Company is proud to be his publisher!!!
Check out Aaron's ADULTS ONLY comix at: