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GADZOOKS!!! Check out the cover for The Comix Company's catalogue!!! Great artwork by Jay Bee, lovingly coloured by Michael Amaral! More details to follow... :)
P.S. Here's some beautiful boobies...

HERE'S THE BEEF DEPT.: I've been brainstorming lately to come up with some ideas to promote my publishing concern, and the fine roster of artists who've graced the pages of my comix. Here's what I came up with...
Starting July 1st, I'll be sending out copies of HOOPLA COMIX, a 12-pg preview comic, to various comic stores that carry Underground Comix. I've got a list already but, if you know of a store that would be keen to take them, just PM me the store address and I'll fire off some copies to them. The stores can then either give them away for free, or else charge the $1.50 cover price - their option.
And who wouldn't love to add comix by Aaron Lange, Carrie Q. Contrary, Jay Bee, Lee James Turnock, Bruno Nadalin, Milton Knight, Robin Bougie, and Maxine Frank to their collection? :)
Check out the goods at -

36 pages (saddle stitched)
- Colour cover/ B&W interior
- Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼” (perfect for stickin’ in yer copy of Goofy Funnies #5!)

Like the cover sez, it's another shameless cash grab from the perpetually broke, Vancouver Underground Comix guy, Dexter Cockburn. In this case, the "Little Orphan What's-er-Name" stories from GOOFY FUNNIES 5 & 6 have been reprinted along with some BRAND NEW filth to tie up some loose ends! ADULTS ONLY!!!!

- 4 bucks
- 32 pages (saddle stitched)
- Colour cover/ B&W interior
- Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼” (perfect for stickin’ in your trenchcoat pockets!)

Britain's least known Underground cartoonist, Lee James Turnock, unleashes another tidal wave of lovingly delineated vitriol. Part autobiographical, part satirical, UP YOURS! is certain to lace your chuckles with mild unease. The highlights of this corker are Turnock's true life confession, "I Was a Teen-age Pervert", "Stinky Pinky", "What Pisses Him Off", and a deft Chick tract parody. ADULTS ONLY!!!
Philadelphia's native son, Aaron Lange (ROMP), returns with another hilarious and thought-provoking batch of comix! This latest round features a pictorial of the late 'Ms. 45' star, Zoe (Tamerlis) Lund, the finer points of having a sexy, alcoholic girlfriend, a true story of Mr. Lange's encounter with scientology, PLUS a fan letter from R. CRUMB himself!!! You'll be clawing the walls for Aaron to produce TRIM #3!!
- 32 Pages
- Colour cover with B&W innards
- Digest sized (perfect for sneaking into your Free Personality Test!)

Here's something fun I just did up - it's my contribution to an upcoming book called 'IT CAME FROM THE UNDERGROUND'. Hopefully it'll be coming soon to a Barnes & Noble near you! ;)

Check out my store for more fresh comix...

Cum Comics
HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU!!!! Aaron Lange's TRIM #2 has been finished and will be published SOON!!! Stay tooned for an official announcement!
You can still get copies of Aaron's TRIM #1, as well as his ROMP series, over at my store:

A stunning advert - by Lee James Turnock - for the fine wares at The Comix Company!! Quality Underground Comix from Mr. Turnock, Aaron Lange, Jay Bee, Carrie Q. Contrary, Milton Knight, Sarah C. Bell, Bruno Nadalin, Robin Bougie, and more!!! Check us out at

HOLY MOLEY!!! All that, and a marshmallow tuffet to boot!!! The great Loubotix - - tackled my character, Pippa Creme, and came up with something exceptionally sweet! Well done! :)

She's DYNAMITE in colour!!!! Mike James knocked my socks off with his B&W rendition of my character, Pippa Creme - now he's blown my mind with her rendered in colour!!!
Check out Mike's tumblr for LOTS of saucy pics, sculptures, and more!! ​