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Don't feel like diving into the pool of Underground Comix naughtiness? Why not test your toe in the water with HOOPLA COMIX, a 32-page preview of the best that The Comix Company has to offer?
HOOPLA grabs you by the goods right off the bat with a stunning cover by Jay Bee, lovingly coloured by Michael Amaral.
Inside, Aaron Lange's "Hesh!" explores the perils of role-playing; Carrie Q. Contrary fantasizes about chance encounters on public transit in "Lust on the Bus"; Jay Bee's robotic alter-ego, Dev-12, finds himself broke again in "Dev-12 Mera Naam"; Donny Robinson's "Flinstoners" gives a whole new skew to Bedrock's best-known residents; Lee James Turnock takes the piss out of the infamous 'Chick Tracts' with his satirical flashback story, "This Was His Life"; Dexter Cockburn's Fudster Pudwhacker discovers that public transit can be a bit more frightening than that shown by Miss Carrie Q in "Bus Ride of the Damned"; Bruno Nadalin (aka Hugo) brings us back to his pre-teen years and his obsession with Jim Morrison's crew in "The Doors of Stupidity".
It's an embarrassment of ADULTS ONLY riches for a mere $4 bucks!!!!
Remember: Spend a minimum of $15 (before shipping), and you'll receive a FREE COMIC!!!! How can you lose??
WARNING: This post is intended to be perused by those who are 18+. Minors, or the puritanical, should simply look away.

GA-ZING!!!! SPUNK COMICS #3 is back from the printers - and it's naughtier than ever!!! Featuring "Girl Guide Nookies", an epic Fudster Pudwhacker tale, this issue is bound to put a smile on your face, and something more in your pants!
For ordering, or to see a 3-pg preview, visit:

Boob Drawing tutorial by James Fulk!! PHWOARRRR!!!! ;)
BTW: That's MY stippled nipple on the bottom! Thanks, James!!! :)

I just pounded out these pages tonight... They're for SPUNK COMICS #3. Enjoy the political incorrectness!! ;)
SPUNK 1 & 2 are available for sale at

- 4 bucks
- 36 pages (saddle stitched)
- Colour cover/ B&W interior
- Sized to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2” (perfect for stickin’ in your pants & sneaking into the john!)
This is it: The last tender bits culled from Jay Bee's previously published minis, GLADHAND and HIGH FALOOTIN'! A perfect blend of single page comix and illos from the warped brain of Jay Bee.
Enjoy this frosty dip into the psyche of a madman!
Remember: ADULTS ONLY, you little turkeys!

OH MY! COMIX #4 is coming together!!! Here's the artist roster for the inner front cover (design liberally borrowed from an UG Comix ad - remember it?).
Copies of OH MY! #1-3 are still available from

Note: Michael Amaral FHA-Q cover lovingly rendered by John Orlando!


Lee James Turnock's got a FAT ARSE!!!!

- 4 bucks
- 32 pages (saddle stitched)
- Colour cover/ B&W interior
- Sized to 5 ½” x 7 ¼” (perfect for stickin’ in your trenchcoat pockets!)

Britain's least known Underground cartoonist returns with this seasonal medley of yoks, bitter satire, and tits!!! In addition to his own fantastic comix, Lee welcomes writers Philip Neill and Rob Filth into the fold for some nasty laffs business! Never mind the bollocks, Lee James Turnock's got a FAT ARSE!!!


Underground Comix sensation, Aaron Lange, has officially licensed selected artworks to grace this fine line of quality t-shirts.
This Devo parody tee will make a great gift for fans of the wacky New-Wavers, or you can wear it with pride! Lovingly screenprinted by Layla Faith of Melay's, a 100% American owned company.

Size - Small, Medium, Large, XL
Colour - Black
Pre-shrunk cotton

Note: Shipping for this item is free to US customers (the shirts will ship from Arizona). If you'd like to order comix in addition, please note that they ship separately from Vancouver, BC.
image (c) Aaron Lange

A MAD-style parody of Larry Welz's CHERRY POPTART that I started years ago - never got past that ol' first page. Maybe it's time to revisit it...?

Well, the Underground Comix thing ain't paying as much as I expected it would, so I've turned my hand to writing children's books - under an assumed name, of course! ;) So, do I have a future in kid's lit? :)